Java developers use SpreadsheetConverter to speed up software development. SpreadsheetConverter converts Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into accelerated and compact Java-programs. It can convert your spreadsheet into a Java class that calculates just as the spreadsheet.

Need a website calculator, or an intelligent form, written in Java? No problem. Let a domain expert implement the calculations in Excel and test the calculator for all possible business cases.

Then, let SpreadsheetConverter convert the spreadsheet into a complete JSP page with a separate JavaBean. All formulas and calculations have been thoroughly tested by thousands of other users. If the spreadsheet works, your web page works.

SpreadsheetConverter produces better quality code at a lower cost.

Note: SpreadsheetConverter Java is being phased out, and the information on this page may not be current anymore. Version 4 can be downloaded from our release archive. If you want to build advanced web components from Excel spreadsheets, consider converting to iPhone/Android, HTML/JavaScript or ASP.NET instead.

See examples of what SpreadsheetConverter can do for you.

Free offer: Send us a spreadsheet and we’ll send it back as a web page.


It’s so easy, you can do it yourself!

SpreadsheetConverter Java lets you connect your website to internal IT resources behind the firewall. Visualize complex information in attractive charts. Build a calculator that fetches daily interest rates from a database. Collect external data from web forms and store it in a secure database.

A time-saving calculator makes your web site stand out from the competition. It’s so easy to put any existing form or calculator on the web: expense reports, surveys, quote generators, order forms, reservation forms, employment applications, financial calculators, engineering tools – the list is endless.

We’re not only talking simple add-subtract-multiply-type spreadsheets here, we’re talking

  • all the graphical user interface widgets you could ask for
  • live charts that automatically update when values are changed
  • multi-choice options like dropdown lists and radio buttons
  • step-by-step wizards for complex forms
  • smart table lookup, complex data validation, interactive menus

The free form-to-Inbox service requires no installation, no programming skills and no configuration. Once you upload your first web form to your server, submitted forms start arriving at your Inbox. You are up and running within minutes. For a small monthly fee, we store submitted forms in a database for you until you visit our server to pick them up.

See examples of what SpreadsheetConverter Java can do for you.

Features and benefits

SpreadsheetConverter is the perfect tool for creating calculating web forms and web pages that attract attention.

  • It’s easy even for non-programmers: SpreadsheetConverter turns your business users’ Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into scalable Java/J2EE applications.
  • The formulas are protected: All calculations are done on the server, so your formulas are totally hidden from the user.
  • It’s so easy to change: Just change the spreadsheet and re-run the conversion to regenerate the Javabean.
  • Everything is live and interacting with your visitors: The calculator or form updates dynamically when values are changed. Even the charts are live! Use calendars to select dates, stars to set ratings and sliders to vary data in real-time. Create forms with dropdown menus, checkboxes, radio buttons, large text fields, list boxes in a breeze. Design step-by-step wizards for complex forms.
  • It looks so good on the web: Normally, it takes a lot of time to make a web page look this well-designed. With Excel you just format the page the way you like. SpreadsheetConverter creates a web page that looks the same: borders, colors, fonts, checkboxes, dropdown lists etc work as they should, and numbers are formatted on the fly with decimals, thousand separators and currency symbols. Play with new layouts inside Excel before you convert them to web format, which saves lots of time (besides being lots of fun).
  • Automatic form-to-Inbox delivery: When users submit completed forms, SpreadsheetConverter delivers them directly to your e-mail Inbox. For a small fee, forms can be saved in a database for later retrieval, thanks to a hosted service that requires no local installation or server.
  • It’s so easy to change: Business rules frequently change, e.g. new prices, new discount options, new regulations etc. With hand-crafted web pages it’s hard to keep up with the frequent changes. With SpreadsheetConverter, you just change the spreadsheet, and regenerate the web page.
  • You get the source code: The Java server code is nicely formatted and completely self-contained. There are no library files or other external requirements.
  • There are no errors: The calculator doesn’t need any testing, since thousands of users already have tested our calculation engine.
  • It’s cost-effective: You need the SpreadsheetConverter program only when you perform the actual conversion from spreadsheet to web page format. You need one license for each PC on which you install the program to perform such conversions.
  • Excel isn’t needed: Once the web page is created, Excel is not required. Your web server doesn’t need Excel, and your users don’t need Excel. Even if Excel is all around, not all employees have it, and private persons seldom have it.
  • It’s free to distribute: With the Professional Edition, you can make the calculator part of a product that you sell.
  • You take no risk: Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and six months of free e-mail support.

SpreadsheetConverter makes Java and JSP developers more productive

  • Using the product you can create the following three types of output:
    1. A JSP page + Java Bean where all the calculations are done on the server by the Java Bean. [Reformatting on client]
    2. Just a Java Bean, that can be used inside any Java-program.
    3. A self-contained webpage. [Calculation + formatting on client]
  • Good-looking calculating JSP-page from Excel. Separate JavaBeans with full source.
  • The JSP-page with the JavaBeans can be used inside any JSP-enabled web server, for example Tomcat, or J2EE-server like IBM WebSphere, Bea WebLogic or JBoss.
  • Built-in edit-debug-compile-test cycle for Tomcat. Generate and test within one minute.
  • The JavaBeans can be used in any Java-project.
  • All calculations are done on the server, your formulas are totally hidden from the user.
  • Advanced analysis makes generated code very efficient, no unnecessary boxing-unboxing, and all unneeded formulas are ignored.
  • JSP-pages work both on Windows and *unix
  • Covers 165 functions of Excel. Currently all but a few advanced financial and statistical functions are supported.

SpreadsheetConverter delivers the best value

Only SpreadsheetConverter Java/JSP generates full source code. No JAR-files with proprietary software. This makes the generated code easy to extend and maintain.

Only SpreadsheetConverter has royalty-free distribution. No extra per-server fees.

Fast calculation with prefabricated components

Creating a calculating web page like an expense report or order form online can be very difficult. Programming, testing and debugging takes a lot of time even for a specialist. Most online calculators do all their calculation on the web server, which can make the web page slow because of all the network communication with the server.

With SpreadsheetConverter, all your spreadsheet formulas are automatically converted into program code by SpreadsheetConverter, using prefabricated components that have been meticulously tested. The conversion to web format retains the interactivity that is typical of a spreadsheet, and the entire visual layout is carried over to the web page.

Our basic product converts Excel spreadsheets to HTML with embedded JavaScript that can be used with any web server. All calculations are performed in the browser, without any help from the web server. The Flash version creates standalone Adobe/Macromedia Flash files that you can use on any page in your blog or website. SpreadsheetConverter can also generate HTML5 web applications for iPhone and Android smartphones. This makes it easy to collect data with mobile devices, select or configure products or do spreadsheet calculations in a smartphone.

Special server products generate program code for Node.js, ASP.NET and classic ASP web servers. Since these flavors keep the formulas on the server and perform all calculations there, the business formulas are hidden from the end user. Running the formulas on the server also makes it much easier to add back-end integration, for example for saving and restoring values to a database. Communication with the server is minimal and the web calculator updates itself quietly in the background while the user is busy entering data into another cell.

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Superior support

We guarantee the best support. 6 months of e-mail support is included in the price for all products. We promise answers by the next business day, but within an hour is our goal.

We first released SpreadsheetConverter in 2002, and have added more and more value to the product in many releases since then. Our update policy gives you free updates within the same major version, e.g. if you have a version 5 license you get all version 5.x updates for free.

If you buy a license, and we release a new version within six months, you get a complimentary upgrade to the new version free-of-charge.

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Low cost, no risk

We recommend that you start with the Standard edition of SpreadsheetConverter HTML to learn the basics. As you become confident in your ability to generate web pages from Excel, you can add more “flavors” – technical publishing environments – to your toolset.

For serious publishing business, the Professional Edition lets you create web pages for clients, supports all the most nerdy Excel functions and provides even more beautiful chart types.

Here is the complete price list:

License to generate HTML pages$127$247
License to generate iPhone/Android pages$167$327
License to generate Flash pages$187$357
License to generate Node.js pages$187$357
License to generate ASP.Net pages$187$357
Cost per page$0$0
Cost per server$0$0
Cost per visitor$0$0

Excel and SpreadsheetConverter are only used when you create the spreadsheet and convert it to web format. We charge a small one-time license fee for each computer on which you install the program to perform such conversions.

  • There are no additional fees per page or conversion.
  • There are no additional fees per web server, page view or visitor.
  • There are no additional fees for Excel or plug-ins. The web pages we create have everything in them and do not need or use Excel.

In fact, when spreadsheets are available online like this, many people no longer need their own Excel licenses, which can generate additional savings.


There is no risk, you’re safely protected by our 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, just send us an e-mail, and we will cancel your purchase and refund the money.

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Let us convert a spreadsheet for you, right now!

Let us convert one of your Excel spreadsheets to a live web form or calculating web page. Just e-mail us one of your spreadsheets now and we’ll do it for you. It’s so simple, we’ll even do it for free! Once you see the impressive result, you’ll want to download the program and try for yourself.

Download and try the program for free for 30 days

No license is needed to test the program, just download the trial version and install it on your computer. We recommend that you start with SpreadsheetConverter to HTML. If you buy a license for one flavor and later want to upgrade to a more advanced flavor, you only pay the price difference.

Technical requirements

Web pages generated by SpreadsheetConverter to Java require a web server capable of supporting JSP pages and Java Beans, e.g. the Tomcat server from the Apache Foundation.

When you install SpreadsheetConverter to Java, you should also install the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition, Software Development Toolkit (J2SE SDK) version 1.3.1 or later on the same PC. The J2SE SDK is provided by Sun Microsystems.

For an overview of the various flavors of SpreadsheetConverter and their technical requirements, please study the product comparison chart.

Build live website calculators and web forms now!

conversion imageconversion imageconversion image

Just download, install and test the Excel add-on now. Or let us convert a spreadsheet for you, for free.